Johann Michael Haydn’s Proprium Missae


A comprehensive collection of short liturgical works

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Johann Michael Haydn: Proprium Missae


The Proprium Missae collects all known short liturgical works by Johann Michael Haydn, in particular those that are freely available in contemporary manuscripts.

This edition has been compiled and checked with utmost diligence. Nevertheless, errors and mistakes cannot be totally excluded. Please report any errors and mistakes via email or create an issue or pull request on the edition’s GitHub repository. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Available works

MH Title Score Parts
46 In omnem terram score parts
145 Te Deum score parts
183 Tres sunt qui testimonium dant score parts
215 Lauda Sion score parts
248 Posuisti Domine score parts
259 Quicunque manducaverit score parts
324 In adoratione nostra score parts
344 Hic est discipulus ille score parts
442 Universi qui te expectant score parts
443 Ex Sion species score parts
444 Qui sedes Domine score parts
445 Prope est Dominus score parts
446 Adiutor in opportunitatibus score parts
447 Sciant gentes score parts
495 Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel score parts
496 Misit dominus verbum suum score parts
498 Dominus regnavit, exsultet terra score parts
654 Sub tuum praesidium score parts

Critical notes

In general, this edition closely follows the manuscripts. Any changes that were introduced by the editor are indicated by italic type (lyrics, dynamics and directions), parentheses (expressive marks and bass figures) or dashes (slurs and ties). Accidentals are used according to modern conventions. Asterisks denote changes that are clarified in the detailed remarks that precede each full score.

Abbreviation Meaning
A alto
B bass
b basses
clno clarion
cor horn
Ms manuscript
ob oboe
org organ
r rest
S soprano
T tenor
timp timpani
tr tromba
vl violin
vla viola
vlc violoncello
vlne violone

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